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    Solartron Metrology, the world leader in digital gauging probe innovation introduces the SI100 and SI200. The SI100 and SI200 naturally come with all of the standard metrology functions such as zero, preset and TIR. The units can also be programmed to provide limit information.


    Orbit® ACS Datasheet SI100 & SI200 1.25 MB
    Orbit® ACS Datasheet SI400 1.41 MB
    Orbit® ACS Manual 1.31 MB
    Orbit® ACS Modbus Parameter Map 30 KB
    Orbit® ACS Quick Keypad Guide 231 KB
    Orbit® ACS Solidworks Files 16.2 MB
    Orbit® ACS STEP Files 10.8 MB
    Orbit® ACS 2D CAD Drawing 532 KB
    Orbit® ACS 3D SI100 CAD Drawing

    6.63 MB

    Orbit® ACS 3D SI200 CAD Drawing 8.48 MB

    Note: For drawings of sensors attached to ACS, go to the drawings page.
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    Orbit® ACS CGI Images 9.29 MB
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