• New Solartron Metrology Products

    Orbit® Confocal

    For applications where a contact gauging sensor is                       unsuitable, this is a cost efficient non-contact measurement         solution that includes an adjustable light source, standoff             distances and a small spot size. 

    WIM (Wireless Interface Module)

    The WIM provides a simple wireless interface between Orbit®       3 digital sensor network and personal computers via                       Bluetooth®


    SGIM (Strain Gauge Interface Module)

    Readings from the sensors can be taken directly into a PC,           PLC or Solartron Digital Readout


    MODIM (Modbus Interface Module)

    MODBUS RTU up to 115200 baud

    Simple network set up via a PC application

    Connects to all Solartron Gauging, Displacement and Non-           contact sensors

    WiGauge Battery
    Digital Displacement DS thumb

    WiGauge Inductive Charger

    The NEW Inductive Charger allows the device to charge               whenever it is placed into the Charger Cradle, meaning it

        can be used continually with no down time

    With the Inductive Charger, safety and quality will not be of           any concern, as the WiGauge will not overheat during long         periods of charge, and it will not charge for more than 24             hours

    Orbit® ACS SI400

    Integral Readout with colour LCD Display and keypad.

    Detachable probe plug on housing for easy installation

    Replace probe with no calibration or reprogramming