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Laser Displacement Sensor in Automated Guided Vehicle


APPLICATION: As there are more demands to build SMART factories in Singapore, there is a company working with semi-conductors industries to provide AGV(Automated Guided Vehicle) within the production floor to pick up the wafer rack and transport within the factory.  


SOLUTION: ILD1420-500 provide high accuracy of 0.2% for 500mm measuring range, and sampling speed of 4kHz. Comes with a compact size, the ILD1420-500 not only provide high performance, but also provides digital signal to bring data into the computer.

Accuracy Displacement Monitoring in Packaging Machine


APPLICATION: Packaging machine which are used for sealing the products into packets often faced challenges to determine if package is OK/NOK.


SOLUTION: Our proposed solution, eddyNCDT 3100 with S2 sensor, has high repeatibilities of less than 2um which enable the system to pick up the good and bad seals, but also the nature of this technology to work with high temperature up to 100?C.

Varying Material Characteristics


APPLICATION: When the process parameters and conditions are different, normally it will lead to varying material characteristics, such as deformation. 


SOLUTION: By using 3D scanner, the sample parts are scanned and all the point clouds are sent to compare with the master part point clouds. When two point clouds are combined to one 3D model, analysis and qualification are done on sample point clouds.

High Mix and Low Volume


APPLICATION: For the maintenance, repair, and overhaul company, the job scope is high mix and low volume application. 


SOLUTION: 3D scanner is used to scan through the worn parts and then the point clouds are sent to software and controller for analysis. The robot arm will then carry out the repairing job (grinding, welding etc) based on the analysis from the controller.