Sensors for displacement, distance & position

    Eddy current sensors for displacement and position


    eddyNCDT 3001
    eddyNCDT 3005
    New: eddyNCDT 3060/3070
    eddyNCDT 3300
    eddyNCDT 3700
    SGS 4701 Spindle Growth System
    Specific Sensors
    Catalog eddyNCDT Sensors
    Eddy current sensors from Micro-Epsilon are designed for non-contact measurement of displacement, distance, position, oscillation and vibrations. They are particularly suitable when high precision is required in harsh industrial environments (pressure, dirt, temperature).

    Capacitive displacement sensors and measurement systems


    capaNCDT 6019
    capaNCDT 6110
    New: capaNCDT 61x0/IP/IP
    New: capaNCDT 61x4/IP
    capaNCDT 6200
    capaNCDT 6500
    Specific Sensors
    capaNCDT DTV
    New: capaNCDT MD6-22
    Catalog capaNCDT Sensors
    Capacitive sensors from Micro-Epsilon perform non-contact measurements of displacement, distance and position of electrically conductive targets with high precision.

    Laser sensors for displacement, distance and position

    optoNCDT sensors have set milestones for industrial laser displacement measurement. Whether for displacement, distance or thickness measurement, Micro-Epsilon laser sensors are considered one of the best in their class. These laser sensors are used e.g. in measurement and monitoring tasks in factory automation, electronics production, robotics and vehicle construction.

    New: optoNCDT 1220
    optoNCDT 1320
    optoNCDT 1420
    optoNCDT 1420 CL1
    optoNCDT 16x0
    New: optoNCDT 1750DR
    optoNCDT 1750
    New: optoNCDT 1900
    optoNCDT 2300
    Blue Laser Sensors (BL)
    Laser Line Sensors (LL)
    Long-range laser sensors
    Specific Sensors
    Catalog optoNCDT Laser Sensors

    Confocal sensor systems for displacement, distance, position and thickness

    Confocal chromatic sensors
    confocalDT IFC2421/22
    confocalDT IFC2451
    confocalDT IFC2461
    confocalDT IFC2471HS
    Catalog confocalDT
    The confocal chromatic confocalDT measuring system is used for fast distance and thickness measurement. Different sensor models and controller interfaces open versatile fields of application, e.g. in the semiconductor industry, glass industry, medical engineering and plastics production.

    High-precision white light interferometer for non-contact distance and thickness measurements

    New: IMS5400-DS
    New: IMS5400-TH
    The innovative white light interferometers from Micro-Epsilon set a benchmark in high-precision distance and thickness measurements. These sensors enable stable measurement results with sub-nanometer resolution offering a comparatively large measuring range and offset distance. The interferometers are available in 3 series: the IMS5400-DS for high-precision industrial distance measurements, the IMS5400-TH for accurate thickness measurements and the vacuum-suitable IMS5600-DS for distance measurements with picometer resolution.

    Laser distance sensors for extra long ranges

    optoNCDT ILR1030/1031
    optoNCDT ILR1181/1182/1183
    optoNCDT ILR1191
    optoNCDT ILR2250
    Catalog optoNCDT ILR
    Laser distance sensors are designed for non-contact distance measurements: laser gauges for measuring ranges up to 10m, laser distance sensors for up to 3,000m. These sensors are used for positioning and type classification in machine building and handling equipment.

    Inductive sensors (LVDT) and gauges

    induSENSOR DTA gages
    induSENSOR DTA sensors
    induSENSOR LDR
    Clamping stroke sensor
    New: MSC7x0x controller
    induSENSOR EDS
    Specific sensors
    Catalog induSENSOR
    Micro-Epsilon offers a large range of inductive sensors for displacement and position measurement from conventional LVDT sensors and inductive sensors with integrated controller to customer-specific high-volume versions. The induSENSOR displacement sensors from Micro-Epsilon are used in automated processes, quality assurance, test rigs, hydraulics, pneumatic cylinders and automotive engineering.

    Magneto-inductive distance sensors

    mainSENSOR MDS-45
    mainSENSOR MDS-40-MK
    mainSENSOR MDS-40-LP
    Specific Sensors
    Catalog mainSENSOR
    mainSENSOR is based on an innovative measuring principle, which has been developed by Micro-Epsilon in order to combine the advantages of both inductive and magnetic sensors. Magneto-inductive sensors are frequently used as alternative to inductive sensors and proximity sensors in process automation, the packaging industry and in machine monitoring.

    Draw-wire displacement sensors

    Draw-wire sensors for integration and OEM
    New: Industrial draw-wire sensors for OEM
    Industrial draw-wire sensors
    Draw-wire sensors for fast measurements
    Catalog wireSENSOR
    Draw-wire sensors of the wireSENSOR series measure almost linearly across the entire measuring range and are used for distance and position measurements of 50mm up to 50,000mm. Draw-wire sensors from Micro-Epsilon are ideal for integration and subsequent assembly in high volume OEM applications, e.g. in medical devices, lifts, conveyors and automotive engineering.