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Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) aims to give, at every moment during the life of a structure, a diagnosis of the “state” of the constituent materials, of the different parts, and of the full assembly of these parts constituting the structure as a whole. Structural Health Monitoring combines a variety of sensing technologies with an embedded measurement controller to capture, log, and analyze real-time data...
Construction and industrial dynamic sources can produce environmental vibration problems for adjacent and remote structures. High  vibrations and unacceptable dynamic settlements could disturb sensitive devices and people and even be the cause of structural damage. The dynamic sources, the geology at a site, and the condition of structures affect ground and structure vibrations...
BeanAir® offers the ideal solution to your needs in terms of measurement and instrumentation to improve equipment energy efficiency and get better knowledge about equipment availability...
BeanAir technology offers solutions for rolling stock, naval and aeronautic manufacter in terms of test and measurement, aiming at reducing costs related to test bench...
Beanair provides field-proven and cost-effective wireless sensors  for land surveying:
 Wireless inclinometers/tilt (Ref: BeanDevice® HI-INC Xrange ) can monitor railway sleepers, land slips and deformation during construction work.
 Combined with our Wireless DAQ system (Ref: BeanDevice® AN-mV) , Load cell and strain gages sensors  can be used for deformation and stress measurements.
BeanAir ® leans upon its experience in engineering highly performant and ecological products and offers highly sustainable products.


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