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A high grade versatile and affordable energy performance monitoring and management solution
BeanAir® provides a wide range of wireless sensors that allow the reduction of installation, integration and operation costs to Tichnical Building Management field with an easy mapping of energy losses in commercial buildings.
The combination of a wide range of measurement products with ultra-low power wireless technology will optimize your overall technical & economical approach:
• Quick identification of energy savings and deficiencies sources within a building,
• Short installation time and measurement campaigns. By using our wireless measurement technology you avoid most constraints linked to wiring.
• Real-time access to all the recorded measurements from a PC monitoring software,
A reliable, economical, non-intrusive and ultra-low consumption wireless measurement solutions
BeanAir Wireless Sensor Networks for Technical Building Management
1– Wireless humidity sensor (BeanDevice® ONE-TH ):
Measures Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point.
• Qualify the air quality inside the building
2– Wireless temperature sensor (BeanDevice® ONE-T ):
Measurement of ambient air temperature, surface temperature
• Find heat losses
• Reduce internal heat loads ...
3-Wireless energy metering (BeanDevice® ONE-BN ):
Gas, electric, water
• Measurement of peak power consumption
• Power leak detection
4-Wireless IR Temperature (BeanDevice® ONE-TIR):


5-Computer System: Display and configure your Wireless Sensor Networks from the BeanScape® (real time wireless sensor monitor) or even from your own software via the OPC server/service.
6-Wireless Sensors Coordinator: Builds and supervises the Wireless Sensor Networks (Ethernet link and Modbus & Ethernet links)



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