2.4GHz® | Wireless IOT Sensors for Industrial Applications
    The BeanDevice® is a wireless sensor/DAQ providing a real-time wireless transmission and a high capacity data logger with low power operation. The BeanDevice® can be used for both dynamic and static measurement.
    Beanair provides three different type of products line:


    _____________________________   _____________________________   _____________________________


    Vibration Sensor - Accelerometer with Integrated Data Logger




    Shock Sensor - Accelerometer dedicated to Shock Measurement with Integrated Data Logger (Smart Shock Detection)


    Tilt Sensor - Inclinometer Integrated Data Logger


    Current and Voltage Analog Input with Integrated Data Logger



    Space Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point Sensor with Integrated Data Logger


    Surface Temperature (IR) with Integrated Data Logger


    Probe Type temperature (e.g. for piping) with Integrated Data Logger
      The BeanGateway® is a wireless coordinator used to build and manage Beanair® Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). It supports the conversation of data exchanged, compression and IP connectivity with the network thereby reducing the intelligence required in these platforms, maintenance and therefore the associated cost.
    BeanGateway 2.4GHz Software
    Ethernet IEEE802.15.4 Modbus TCP / RTU and Ethernet Links 3G/4G/LTE
    Indoor Version Outdoor Version (Waterproof) Indoor Version Outdoor Version (Waterproof) Outdoor Version (Waterproof)