AD-50E - Counting Event Printer(Simplified)


The AD-50E printer is an ideal recording device for quality control operation on an electric cable production line. It can continuously print messages and distances of produced electric cable when receiving alarm signals from laser micrometer, surface variation detector, spark tester, cable capacitance monitor, joint-detector, disconnection detector and a great number of other instruments.


A total of seven messages can be input

Scaling of counting pulse can be made

Various setting of time, date, etc, can be battery backed up for a long-       term

Time, date and lot numbers can be printed out

Correct printing-out of count values can be made by setting correction       distance of each message

Super compact size and low cost

Differences between AD-50 and AD-50E




 Counting value display  6-digit, Green color, 7-segment LED.
 Zero suppress is available.
 Input Clock for Measuring  Single/Double(A,B) phase pulse input is available, 
 Up/Down counting is available
 Clock Edge  Rising or Falling
 Clock Rate  Free setting between 0.00001m/pulse - 999999m/pulse
 Max. Clock frequency  2kPPS
 Count sensor power supply  +12V Max70mA
 No. of Event Messages  7 (Included Manual Event)
 Event input  From Rear panel terminal
 RESET Event input  front panel push switch & 
 From Rear panel terminal ( Setting on AUTO Reset )
 PRINTING Event input  front panel push switch
 Message Change method  By front panel push switch
 Initial setting  5 digit
 Lot No. setting  3 digit. Automatic increment by RESET is available.
 Event distance compensation  Non.
 Printer  Thermal type, 20 digit, 58mm wide
 Out-of-paper signal  Front panel LED,
 Timing function  Year/Month/Date and Hour/Minute
 Battery back-up  Back-up the setting of counting, timing, etc.
 (Back-up hours ; 1 month or more at full charge)
 Communication  Non
 Power Source  AC100 - 240V Free power supply 50/60Hz, less than 8VA
 Outside dimension  144(W) * 144(H) * 191(D)[mm]
 Weight  2.8kg
 Ambient condition  Temperature:0 - 45 degree centigrade, Humidity:35 - 85%RH(No condensation)


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