BeanGateway® 2.4GHz
    Wireless Sensor network coordinator | Ethernet Link | Outdoor Version (Waterproof)
    The BeanGateway® 2.4GHz Ethernet is used to build and manage Beanair® wireless sensor network. It can manage queues for every network element (BeanDevice® 2.4GHz ). As a gateway, it controls the external access to the network through a highly secured authentication procedure. It supports the conversion of data exchanged, compression and IP connectivity with the network thereby reducing the intelligence required in these platforms, maintenance and therefore the associated cost.
    The BeanGateway® 2.4GHz Ethernet operates with an external power supply (DC 8-28V). An integrated rechargeable battery is used as an UPS battery (uninterruptible power supply). The internal battery provides instantaneous protection from external power supply interruptions, the wireless sensor network & Ethernet LAN activities are maintained during this time.
    Users looking for a safe deployment on a remote site will appreciate our powerful WSN (Wireless Sensor Networks) mapping management:
    • Automatic backup on both flash memory and BeanScape® 2.4GHz software.
    • Export/Import function on others BeanGateway® 2.4GHz