FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology offers a vast selection of accessories from A-Z ranging from cable connectors to Clevis Pin calibration fixtures.

We also cater to your Accessory needs by utilizing our experienced engineering design team and ‘In-House’ machine shop either by customizing existing standard Accessories or making brand new custom Accessories altogether.

Our full gamut of Accessory product line is measured with the highest quality in the industry by setting standards that others strive to meet. Some of the many Accessories offered are mentioned by the following:


  1. Connector and Cable Assembly: We offer connector-to-cable assemblies that are of the highest quality and made in the USA. For example, we sell LEMO and Bendix connections that offer:
    • Excellent Strain Relief for protecting connections under extreme Stresses
    • Gold plated contacts that assure optimal electrical performance
    • Connector housing that is second to none construction ensuring safety and uniform mating.
  2. Wire and Cables: These wire and cable packages are fabricated under strict accreditation requirements that conform to extreme environmental factors. No wire and cable length is too small for FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology.
  3. Mounting Kits (Bending Beam/Planar Beam Transducers FR1010-20): Our OEM capability’s have broadened our horizons by offering specific mounting kits for ease of handling to our customers.
  4. Junction Boxes: Our high quality Junction box (J.B.) like our IAC200 4 Channel Summing J.B. utilizes protective polycarbonate materials to ensure Electromagnetic capability (EMC) and shielding for our electronics. FUTEK can provide a complete system integration that includes multiple sensors and displays under a custom enclosure to fulfill your needs.

We also sell various adapter fixtures such as Hooks, Load Buttons, Threaded Rods, and Rod End Bearings for are entire product line. FUTEK also has various mounting designs such as Mounting Plates, Torque Adapters, and Tension Bases for the endless possible applications customers may require.



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