Makes the float switch suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX spaces)

A safe relay for float switches used in potentially explosive atmospheres

The KARI Exi relay is designed to offer a safe control system solution for float switches used in potentially explosives atmospheres, including oil containers. Its safety properties are based on its inherently safe circuit, which is not capable of releasing enough electric power to ignite flammable material. The KARI Exi relay adheres to central international safety standards, rendering the float switch safe to use in a number of potentially explosive atmospheres. It is easy to install on a DIN rail outside a potentially explosive space.



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ATEX compliance with KARI Exi relay

The KARI Exi relay offers an easy solution for making a float switch ATEX compliant. The relay eliminates the risk of explosion by restricting the amount of electric power that enters the ATEX space. Typically, the KARI Exi relay is used in oil containers with the KARI float switch models C (ø 99 mm) and M (ø 76 mm). It also offers an excellent alternative to a float switch for chemical and petrochemical applications.

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A relay for non-ATEX spaces

The KARI Exi relay is easy to install on a DIN rail outside a potentially explosive space. Thanks to its top-quality components, the relay is reliable and durable. You can choose from one- or two-channel models, depending on your application. The one-channel KARI Exi can be used as a high- or low-level alarm system, for example. The two-channel relay enables the simultaneous control of two functions.

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