ATEX Display

    ATEX Display long


     Flameproof enclosure for use in gas and dust hazardous areas

     Loop powered

     +/-99999 display, 10mm high

     IP66 sealed

     Available in stainless steel or aluminium

     Root extractor and lineariser

     Programmable units of measurement

     Configurable via free Windows compatible software


    The DIS-323AL and DIS-323SS are flameproof field mounting loop powered indicators that only introduce a 2.3V drop, making them suitable for inclusion in almost any 4-20mA loop. The two instruments are electrically identical but have different enclosure materials. The DIS-323AL is housed in an epoxy painted aluminium enclosure and the DIS-323SS in a 316 stainless steel enclosure. Both provide IP66 and NEMA Type 4X protection.


    Configuration and calibration of the indicators is performed via simple Windows compatible software running on a PC connected to the instrument via a temporary communications cable. The view button on the front of the indicator adjacent to the terminals provides a rapid check of loop function and instrument calibration with no risk of the calibration being accidentally changed. 

    Both instruments are suitable for use in zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas, and units of measurement can be displayed in up to five digits, entered via the configuration software.

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    Input  2 wire 4-20mA (min operating = 3.8A, max operating = 20.2mA)
     Voltage  Less than 2.3V (30Vdc max)

     At 20°C: ±0.0012%

    Temp effect: ±0.015% of span/°C max

    Stability: 1 year - 0.08mA

                  2 year - 0.14mA

                  3 year - 0.18mA

     Display Type  Liquid crystal, 10mm high
     Display Range  -99999 to +99999
     Resolution Selectable  0.1 or 2 digits after the decimal point  or max number possible
     Polarity  Automatic minus sign
     Direction  Display may increase or decrease with increasing current
     Reading Rate  10 per second
     Scale Legend Type  Liquid crystal, 6mm high
     Scale Legend Digits  5 alphanumeric characters entered via configuration software
     Case Material  DIS-323AL: aluminium, polyster powder coated

     DIS-323SS: 316 stainless steel

     Terminals  Screw clamp for 0.5
     Operating Temperature  -20°C to +60°C
     Storage Temperature  -45°C to +85°C
     Humidity  To 95% non condensing
     Environmental Sealing  IP66
     Code  Group II, Category 2GD Ex d IIC T6/T85°C
     Hazardous Locations  Zone 1,2, 21 or 22
     Cert. No  ISSeP08ATEX035X

     DIS-323AL: 1.6kg

     DIS-323SS: 3.2 kg

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    DIS-323AL Dimensions
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    Click here to download - ATEX Display Datasheet
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