InSight™ Power Meter


Power Meter and Alarm Monitor

InSight™ is a highly accurate power meter and alarm system designed to continuously monitor Mirus products such as the Lineator™ Harmonic Filter, Onics™ Power Distribution units, and any Ulltra™ or Harmony™ transformer.

The monitoring system enhances the capability of these products by examining their performance, gathering and processing information from the voltage, current, and temperature sensors, and controlling the operation of the system via the fully programmable I/O contacts.

Condition Based Maintenance Tool

When InSight™ is integrated into your system, it provides essential health and performance information to the operator to let them know whether the equipment is operating with safe limits. For instance, an Adjustable Speed Drive system equipped with a Lineator Harmonic Filter may encounter power quality issues or other conditions that may affect the normal operation of the equipment. Having the InSight™ installed will provide advanced notification of the filter's condition so that proactive action can be taken, if necessary.

Local or Remote Access

Connectivity is key to maintaining a reliable system. This is why Mirus designed InSight™ as a web-based monitoring system, allowing easy access via any web browser or by adding a touch-screen display to the equipment.


Voltage and current waveform sampling

Overvoltage and overcurrent detection

Power quality monitoring

Embedded AC Waveform Viewer that lets you view a captured waveform

Capacitor Bank monitoring

3 voltage and 3 current channels plus 4 temperature inputs available

Web-based software included

Any assignable output may be used to trigger an external alarm

Standard Ethernet connection for easy network integration



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