Eliminator™ Series

Eliminator™ Series

Low Zero Sequence and Phase Shifting Autotransformers

Neutral Current Eliminator™ (NCE™)

A 3-phase, low zero sequence impedance autotransformer, which when connected near to and in parallel with the harmonic generating non-linear loads (usually connected at the distribution panel), provides an alternate path for 3rd, 9th, & 15th current harmonics (triplens) which the loads create. Patented Field Adjustable Impedance (FAI) feature allows for adjustment of NCE™ zero sequence impedance to field conditions.

Reduces neutral current and neutral-to-ground voltage as well as both current and voltage triplen harmonic distortion.

Combined Neutral Current Eliminator™ (CNCE™)

A patented phase shifting autotransformer with a low zero sequence impedance at its output. When connected in series on a 3-phase, 4-wire service to non-linear loads, it provides an alternate path for the triplen harmonics. The CNCE™ also phase shifts 5th and 7th current harmonics by 180º so that they cancel with 5th and 7th harmonics from other loads on the distribution system. Optional FAI feature allows for removal of triplens from the CNCE™ input side as well as secondary.

Reduces neutral current, and neutral-to-ground voltage, as well as both current and voltage harmonic distortion at 3rd, 5th, 7th, & 9th harmonics.

5-7, 11-13 and 5-13 Eliminators™

3-phase, 3-wire autotransformers with 30°, 15° or 20° phase shift between input and output. They are connected in series with the supply to variable frequency drives, UPS systems, and other 3-phase rectifier loads.

By phase shifting against other similar loads, they reduce 5th and 7th or 11th and 13th harmonic currents at point of common coupling which, in turn, reduces voltage distortion as well.


Diverts the flow of harmonic currents away from neutral and upstream transformer

Reduces high neutral current and neutral-to-ground voltage

Eliminates the need for doable ampacity neutrals upstream

Reduces losses and lowers operating temperature in upstream distribution transformer

Substantially reduces primary winding circulating currents in distribution transformers

Reduces current distortion at UPS, generator or Utility service

Saves energy by reducing harmonic losses

Prevents voltage flat-topping caused by non-linear loads

Lowers voltage distortion to prevent premature equipment failure

Restores ride-through capability of computer equipment

Improves Power Factor

Integrated ammeter measures neutral current removed

Field adjustable impedance option offers improved application flexibility

Helps meet IEEE Standard 519 harmonic limits



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