LDM-100QC - Quality Control Printer

    A unit to print out statistical calculating value necessary to quality control such as average, standard deviation, histogram, etc.

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     Model  LDM-100QC
     Input  BCD data input
     (RS-232C or Analog deviation voltage is also available by option.)
     Setting  items  Center value, Upper value, Sampling method, Sampling period,
     No. of data, Histogram width, Date
     Battery back-up
     Printer  Thermal type. 27-digit. 58mm wide

     Print out contents

     Each set item, T-graph(Real time), Histogram, No. of data, Max. value, Min. value,  Range,  Average, Standard deviation, Variance, Deviation, Process capability index,  Bias for  specification
     Display  20 digits * 2 lines LCD with Back light
     External  input  Start/Stop, Hold(Trigger)
     Power  supply  AC100 - 240V Free power supply 50/60Hz, less than 10VA
     Outside dimension  350(W) * 99(H) * 331(D)[mm]
     Weight  3.5kg
     Accessory cable  BCD cable 1pcs.
     Ambient condition  Temperature: 0 - 45 degree centigrade, Humidity:35 - 85%RH(No condensation)
    * Please read before using the printer