Counting event printer AD series


It receives alarm signals from various devices such as outer diameter measuring instruments and unevenness detectors, and continuously prints the wire distance and message at the time of reception.


Preset values ​​(forecast/full) can be set for measured values, and alarms can be output via the RS-232C I/F (standard equipment).


In addition, it is possible to scale the measurement pulse, and by setting the correction distance for each message, the accurate measurement value can be recorded.


Equipped with a USB port, data can be saved and event names can be changed from a USB memory.

Event input distance correction setting mode


By presetting the position of the measuring instrument that will be the event input source from the reference position, the distance of the measuring instrument or marking device can be corrected.


As a result, it is possible to mark the exact position as well as print the exact measured value at the time of event occurrence.

Data output example


You can enter up to 10 types of messages, including date, time and lot number.


Various settings including the clock can be saved for a long time by battery backup.


thermal paper


TXT format


CSV format



model name AD-500
CAD file
Measuring function scale display 6-digit green/red 2-color 7-segment LED
Input clock for scale Supports single-phase pulse/A-phase B-phase pulse, up/down count possible
clock pulse rate Maximum 2kPPS/100PPS selectable
pulse rate Can be set arbitrarily within the range of 0.00001 to 999999m/pulse
Scale sensor power supply DC+12V Max.70mA
event input Number of event messages 10 types
Message event input Rear terminal block
Reset event input Front panel switch, rear terminal block, RS-232C
print event input Front panel switch, rear terminal block, RS-232C
Rename message event Changeable via RS-232C/USB memory
various settings Various parameter settings Digital setting by 6-digit green 7-segment LED
PRESET1 (full) 6 digits (absolute value setting)
PRESET2 (Forecast) 6 digits (absolute value setting or relative value setting to PRESET1 is also possible)
Each PRESET output Measured value 7-segment red display, front panel LED, relay contact, RS-232C
initial set 6 digits
lot number 4 digits can be automatically updated
Event input distance correction More accurate measurement is possible by setting the correction distance for each message event
printing printer 58mm width, 20 digits, thermal method
No recording paper output Front panel LED, relay contact, RS-232C
USB memory controller USB 2.0 host controller
function Event data save function to USB memory, set value load/save function
Marker output Relay contact output, pulse width can be set in units of 1 msec in the range of 0 to 60000 msec
clock function year-month-day-hour-hour
battery backup Backup scale, clock, and various settings (backup time: 1 month or more)
external communication RS-232C standard equipment (baud rate 9600/19200bps)
power supply AC90-240V free power supply 50/60Hz
power consumption 8 VA or less
Communication unit AD-COM



It is used by connecting with our company's laser outer diameter measuring instrument and counting event printer.


By inputting the line speed control voltage, the date/time/measurement value/outer diameter value/line speed/event name at the time of event occurrence are recorded, and the date/time/measurement value/outer diameter value/line speed is recorded every 5 seconds. record.


Recorded data is saved in CSV format on a LAN-connected computer.



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