FXMP25 - External field controller for Mentor II and Mentor MP


    The FXMP25 external field controller may be connected digitally to a Mentor MP using a standard RJ45 connection, allowing setup by standard drive parameters. The FXMP25 can also function in standalone mode using its integrated keypad and display.  

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    Every Mentor MP has a motor field controller as standard that provides excellent field control for the majority of DC motors. However, in the following situations, the optional FXMP25 external field controller is recommended:

        The required field current is greater than that offered by the standard drive, up to 25 A. For example, older motors with               low field voltages.

        The field is required to be forced down more quickly than is possible with a standard half controlled field bridge. For                   example, on spindle motors or motors with high field time constants where the field is required to weaken more quickly             than the natural time constant of the field winding.

        FXMP25 allows applications to be implemented with simple field current reversal, without armature reversal. For                         example, applications where a rapid change in torque direction is not required. With the Mentor MP it is possible to                   implement a four quadrant system with a two quadrant armature converter where a slow change in torque direction can           be tolerated.


    Easy upgrade

    The new FXMP25 replaces our existing FXM5 option. It may also be controlled digitally by a Mentor II, allowing set-up by standard drive parameters. The FXMP25 has the same physical dimensions as the existing FXM5, but extends its current range to 25 A.


    High current fields

    For field currents above 25 A, a separate Mentor MP DC drive can be used as a field controller.


    Further information


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