500 kW High Power Drive

315 kW to 500 kW | Up to 865 A | 380 to 480 VAC (± 10%)
with 110% Overload

You loved the smaller ones. Here's the big one.

While low power accounts for most of the growth for variable speed drives, energy-saving applications are driving growth in high power drives.

Fans, pumps, compressors and extruders are common uses of drives that increasingly need a higher power option.

Light weight, but no light weight!

Enter the new high power drive, which not only offers 500 kW of power in a single module, but at 130kg is up to 60kg lighter than competitors drives.

Its small footprint and pre-engineered accessories make it easy to install or retrofit in industry standard cubicles.

A choice of control module options

This 500 kW drive can be fitted with a Unidrive M600/ M70X or Pump Drive F600 control module and has a wide range of accessories available for easy installation.

Alternatively, the frame can be provided pre-assembled in its own industry standard cabinet, with user-selectable system components included.

This is the ready to use DFS series free standing version.

  • Installation and servicing
    • single installer can handle wiring and connection using comprehensive accessories.
    • Under 30 minutes for one engineer to replace the drive using service accessories.
    • During service, factory-tested sub-assemblies can be exchanged on site without having to replace the complete drive.
    • Wider front face design & lower centre of gravity provide greater physical stability and safety during installation.
    • Always smaller than an existing drive when retrofitting, so will always fit space available.
    • Fixed lifting points on the chassis (no additional brackets required) for safe handling.
    • No additional chokes are required for the vast majority of applications.
    • Online diagnostic app aids commissioning & user support.
  • Controls, communications & configuration
    • Renowned Unidrive AC motor control extended up to 500 kW in a single power module.
    • Optimised for the key high-power drive applications of fans, pumps, compressors and extruders.
    • As powerful as any other drive on the market, yet very light and easy to handle.
    • All leading industrial communications protocols supported, on-board as standard or with user fitted options.
    • On-board machine control, open programming architecture and safety features.
    • User-connectable 12-pulse operation as standard for supply current harmonic reduction.
    • Enhanced IGBT protection during short circuit protects against external fault conditions.
    • Novel capacitor bank protection provides enhanced reliability and increases up-time.
  • Specifications
    Drive Ratings
    Model  No Overload Normal Duty Heavy Duty
    output current
    power at
    400 V
    output current 
    Peak current Nominal power
    at 400 V 
    output current 
    Peak current Nominal power
    at 400 V
      A kW A A kW A kW
    M000-12404800T 635 315 608 668 315 480 528 250
    M000-12405660T 689 355 660 726 355 566 792 315
    M000-12406600T 788 450 755 831 400 660 924 355
    M000-12407200T 903 500 865 952 500 720 1008 400

    Internal 125 kW brake chopper included as standard


    Width 295 mm, Height 1750 mm, Depth 526 mm

  • Drive Software & Support
    Intuitive commissioning software
    Connect software

    Connect - Commissioning tool

    Based on Control Techniques’ 25 years' experience, Connect is our latest drive configuration tool for commissioning, optimizing and monitoring drive/system performance.

    Advanced machine control

    Machine Control Studio - Programming tool

    Control Techniques' Machine Control Studio provides a flexible and intuitive environment for programming new automation and motion control features.

    Diagnostics Tool
    Diagnostic tool app download

    Diagnostic Tool

    Diagnostic Tool is a fast and simple tool, which allows users of Control Techniques' drives to quickly solve any error codes that the drive may show.

    Drive Setup
    Drive Setup section for step by step variable speed drive configuration

    Drive Setup

    Free access web pages provide ‘how-to’ videos, step by step guides and comprehensive technical manuals for your drive installation.



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