Drive Systems - Custom design, build and commissioning


Through our Worldwide Automation Centers, Control Techniques has over 30 years experience in providing complete solutions for thousands of applications from a control system for an automatic welder to a complete control line in a paper, timber, steel mill or other automated processes including:

  • Industry-leading systems applications engineering experience
  • In-house project design and management
  • Comprehensive software development and engineering support
  • Panel-building, installation support, and project commissioning
  • First class service and support
  • Worldwide network of Automation Centers for ongoing support of overseas contracts


Consultation and site meeting

Upon request, a Control Techniques engineer will call you to discuss your particular automation needs. We think that you will be impressed by their grasp of what is needed and by the fast turn-around of Emerson Control techniques proposals.

You will have a single contact throughout the process from initiation through  installation support, commissioning, and after-sales service; a process that is simple and accountable, with clear lines of communication.


From Concept to ePlan

Emerson Control Techniques operates throughout the world with 54 Automation Centers covering 31 countries. Each has its own team of application specialists and, naturally, we share ideas, practical results, software and designs - that’s a huge reservoir of experience that we can bring to bear on your particular production or automation requirement. Control Techniques’ applications experience is as good as it gets.



Our Automation Center teams have unrivalled resources; highly qualified and experienced designers, application engineers and software specialists backed by sophisticated design tools, and, because you’re dealing with the same company that designs the AC and DC drives and servos, you can be certain that you’ll get optimum performance with each element of the control system being perfectly matched.


Software services

Whether you want to use the onboard automation features within our drives or external devices, such as PLCs and HMIs, we can provide you with the level of services you want from providing all software for your application to providing training so that you can write the software yourself.



Ethernet, EtherCAT, Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, Interbus-S, CAN, CanOpen or our own high speed protocol, CTNet – just tell us what you need!



The Automation Center controls the quality right through to finished panels, with full testing of both hardware and software prior to shipment.

When you’re checking on progress, your contact can see and talk face-to-face with the fitters, the test engineers and the software specialists. You get the real story and everyone is pulling in the same direction.


Installation, commissioning and after sales support

Control Techniques engineers will install and commission your system. This isn’t the end of the story but the beginning of our relationship; when you need support, we’ll be there. Control Techniques’ after-sales service is second to none.


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Control Techniques offers a wide variety of enclosure, power and control option configurations for Unidrive M701 and Unidrive M200 AC drives


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