The wedge flowmeter WGE Series is a fluid metering device for inline installation able to manage an accurate and repeatable fluid measurement.
It is based on the proven technology of differential pressure principle; it can work as bi-directional unit so that reversing the mounting it is possible to double the working life.
The instrument WGE can be supplied from machined barstock and it’s suitable for Oil & Gas in upstream, midstream and downstream applications. Its housing is dust and sand tight, protected against sea wave effects as defined by IEC IP67, and suitable for tropical climate operation as defined by DIN 50015.
WGE is not sensitive to vibrations and entrained gas. It shows a high resistance to wear and the installation is easy and fast.


Installed for typical service as water, steam, gases, clean liquids as well as on the most difficult ones: heavy fuel oils, waste water, asphalt, abrasive soluctions, chemicals, aggressive fluids, high viscosity liquids, slurries, fluid with low Reynolds numbers (> 400) as well as for very high ones.



Measure Principle


Measuring Range

Variable (Multiphase)

Process Connection

Flange or Screw

Process Temperature

WGE body: -40°÷ 280°C
With integral manifold: -40°C ÷ 180°C

Accuracy Class

< ± 0,5 % FS on request
< ± 1 % FS



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