TSU series galvanically isolated safety barriers are designed for connection to ON-OFF sensors (two wires) with current (5 mA / 13 mA ± 1 mA) or frequency (1,2 kHz / 3,8 kHz ± 0,2 kHz) output.
Inputs are constantly monitored to reveal any possible wiring anomalies (such as short circuit, open circuit or dispersion to ground ). The ON-OFF signals from the sensors are retransmitted to the output with the control signals separated for each channel. The presence of bicolor LED’s in input and output circuits allows to locally monitor the status of barrier and sensors.
The small size of the housing and the presence of two channels per unit offer the possibility of a high density wiring on DIN rail 35mm.


TSU series barriers can be used in all applications where is requested an isolation between sensors for ON-OFF service (current or frequency output) and the power supply. TSU barriers are especially suitable for ships applications, and for hazardous areas installations being ATEX certified.
Great advantages are offered by the use of TSU series barriers interfaced with Valcom® level switches ASL & LSG series.



Measure Principle

Not Applicable

Measuring Range

4 ÷ 20 mA

Process Temperature

-20 ÷ +55°C

Accuracy Class

Not Applicable



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