4-20 mA + HART protocol


  T7N           T7N             Electronic SMART HART® level, pressureand vacuum transmitters
  T7D           T7D            Smart electronic differential pressure transmitters with 4 ÷ 20 mA and HART® Sensors always calibrated individually with their own seal, allow the measurement of differential pressure, level and volumetric flow in industrial, marine and off-shore applications
    T76                  T76                 SMART electronic transmitters featuring extremely reduced size with 4÷20mA output and HART®. Sensors are calibrated individually together with their own seal. Configurations and adjustments can be made locally by means of push buttons and display or remotely using HART® protocol compatible communicators
 T79                   T79               Electronic SMART HART®level, pressure and vacuum transmitters, available with direct bottom or back process connections, wall mounting bracket.
   T72                         T72                      SMART HART® level, pressure and vacuum transmitters with optional alarm set points and AISI 316 St. St. housing
4-20 mA


  27A                  27A               Electronic level, pressure and vacuum transmitters suitable for gas, liquids and vapours in various applications
  27D                  27D                Analogue differential pressure and level transmitter
    86A                    86A                   Electric level, pressure and vacuum transmitter with 4~20mA output


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