High-performance laser scanner

scanCONTROL 30xx laser scanners are among the highest performing profile sensors in terms of their size, accuracy and measuring rate. They provide calibrated 2D profile data with up to 5.5 million points per second. Their profile frequency of max. 10 kHz enables precise profile measurements in dynamic processes. The high-resolution sensor matrix offers a resolution of 2,048 points with an ultimate point distance of just 12 µm. This is how even the finest of details can be detected reliably.


  •  Measuring range z-axis up to 40 mm
  •  Measuring range x-axis up to 57 mm
  •  Measurement speed up to 10 kHz
  •  Measuring rate up to 5,500,000 points/sec
  •  Reference resolution z-axis from 1.5 μm
  •  Resolution x-axis up to 2,048 points
  •  Selectable operating modes
  •  Also available with blue laser

HDR Mode

Thanks to the Dynamic Range mode, the sensor generates accurate measurement results even on inhomogeneous surfaces.The exposure is performed simultaneously without time offset which enables reliable detection of rapidly moving objects.




Fast measurement results with operation modes

Choose from three predefined operating modes for your specific measurement task: »High-Resolution« for maximum precision, »High Dynamic Range« for optimal profile detection on difficult surfaces and »High Speed« for ultra-fast measurements.





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