Capacitive mobile gap measurement with high precision

The capaNCDT MD6-22 capacitive dual-channel handheld gauge is used for mobile and precise measurement of gaps. This measuring device impresses with high accuracy, intuitive operation and long battery life. Thanks to preset measurement modes, the handheld gauge is immediately ready for use. Compatible with all capacitive sensors from Micro-Epsilon, the MD6-22 is used in different measurement tasks, e.g. for rotor gap monitoring in wind turbines and alignment of rollers in plant and machinery.


  •  Measurement channels: 2
  •  Resolution 0.02 % FSO
  •  Linearity ≤ ± 0.2 % FSO
  •  Frequency response 100 Hz
  •  Storage of measurement data on SD card
  •  Weight 500 g (without magnetic holder)
  •  Battery life 5h
  •  Touch display
  •  Preset measurement modes for fast commissioning

Intuitive operation & immediately ready for use

Preset measurement modes make the capaNCDT MD6-22 immediately ready for use. The measurement types are matched to the different sensor types and targets:


Single-sided gap measurement on curved surfaces



  Double-sided gap measurement on flat surfaces with compensation of the sensor alignment  

Double-sided gap measurement on curved surfaces



Signal evaluation of two sensors measuring one side




Mobile gap measurement at the highest precision

Inserted into the gap, the flat sensors from Micro-Epsilon determine the gap width based on the active measuring area. Gaps up to 12 mm can be detected reliably.



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