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Solartron Metrology covers a variety of different industries and applications. Constantly evolving our range to ensure whatever your application that we have the technology, the commitment and the resources to help you measure better.

The constantly evolving manufacture 
of aero engines requires precision metrology and sensor robustness, these features are fundamental in Solartron’s products.
Alternative Technologies
Looking for something else? Check out our alternative technologies such as agronomy.
Solartron's products are extensively used in many measurements of power and transmission components within the automotive industry.
Whether it is surface finish or dimen- sional accuracy, bearings metrology is often extremely demanding and the right choice of sensor can improve the manufacturing efficiency.
Various different materials need measuring, some solutions work better than others so we ensure a perfect solution for your needs.
As electrical components become more intricate, the need to ensure specific measurements grows, with quality control processes becoming fundamental and complex.
Our reliable and precise non-contact measurement devices are quick and easy to set up, with multiple outputs available.
Orbit® ACS 
These stand alone digital units with full digital displays provide end users with quick, cost-effective checks and easy gateways into a PLC.
Process Automation
Speed and less reliance on manpower is critical in many industrial processes. Many of our sensors and electronics are featured within this field
Test and Measurement
Many of our products have their place in structural testing and they can be brought together using Orbit® 3, Solartron Metrology’s Multi Channel data processing system.


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