Orbit Modules and Gateways - Modbus RTU, ProfiNet & EtherNet/IP


Bringing in process sensors into your PLC system...


The PIM, is a PLC communication gateways to ORBIT®3 digital measurement system, enable easy connections between Modbus RTU, ProfiNet™ or EtherNet/IP™ protocols.

The PIM makes it simple to interface a wide range of contact and non contact linear measurement sensors, rotary encoders, temperature and pressure sensors and discrete inputs and outputs via Modbus RTU, ProfiNet™ or EtherNet/IP™ protocols.

Applications are found in many industries including manufacturing, automation and Semiconductor and pharmaceutical.


PLC communication gateways to Orbit3 measurement system

Modbus RTU  Profinet  Ethernet/IP  EtherCat Module 




Simple interface between           Orbit® and PLC using                 EtherCat

Conformance tested

Explicit and Implicit Data



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