• Orbit® 3 Sensor Network and Gauging

    Multiple Point Diameter Measurement

    Orbit® 3 Digital Gauging, displacement and Positioning Network


    Introducing the Solartron Orbit® Network: a digital measurement system that makes it simple and easy to inter-connect high accuracy Solartron instruments, and other sensors to your computer, network or PLC.


    Calibrated System

    Each Solartron probe or instrument is available with a digital module at the end of the cable. Inside the module is a chip that digitizes the analogue signal from the probe. The probe is calibrated and linearized at the Solartron factory, with a guaranteed accuracy of 0.05% of range or 0.2 microns, whichever is greater, 0.15 micron repeatability, and 0.01 micron resolution.

    You can then master the probe anywhere over its measurement range, and attain the same accuracy from that master point. Solartron also offers a variety of calibrated non-contact Laser sensors available.


    Orbit® 3


    Connect to other Sensors

    The Orbit® 3 Network will also connect to 3rd party sensors via interface modules. These include:

    Analogue Interface Module (AIM): Connect to any sensor with a DC or     4-20mA output.

    Encoder Input Module, (EIM): Connects with any rotary encoder or           other device with a TTL output. With  these connections, all readings         can be sent to a PLC or PC seamlessly.

    Digimatic Input Module: Connects to any Mitutoyo gauge

    Digital Input/output Module: An eight-pin module that acts as an I/O           interface to a PLC. 


    Network up to 150 Channels

    You then connect the Solartron sensor to almost any output device via Orbit®. The Orbit® network, now in its 3rd generation, Orbit® 3, is based on a proven and rugged RS485 multi-drop network running at 1.5m Baud. To build one, you stack any number of digital modules together via use of “T-connectors.”
    PC Based Solution
    USB 2.0 Ethernet Bluetooth RS232C
    12Mbps 10/100Mbps 3 Mbps 115.2Kbps