4-20 mA + HART protocol


  HMI                HMI            Monitoring, configuration and calibration system, real time display all connected variables, with data-logging and alarm-setting functions, useful for tanks filling and emptying trend monitoring and to prevent overfill events
OMD               OMD            Atmospheric oil mist detection sensor for marine applications, machinery room, pump room, in commercial, naval, ships as requested by international IMO marine regulations
T7C                T7C              Electronic Pulp Consisteny Transmitter, 4~20mA Output with HART®
HART® Server          HART® Server        Application software for data processing on HART® field transmitters
4-20 mA


27M                27M              Level electronic transmitters for bubbling principle. PR3 regulator keeps constant bubbling air flow into the tank, P/I converter model 27M turns the counter pressure into 4÷20mA signal
T7V               T7V              Loop powered field digital indicators also for ATEX applications
SPG                SPG              Self Powered Pressure Gauges
THP                THP              Pneumatic transmitters
M3                M3                Three ways valves manifolds
JBX               JBX                IP68 Junction boxes
TSU                 TSU              Galvanically isolated safety barriers
M1                M1                Two ways and one valve manifolds
M2                 M2              Two ways and two valves manifolds
M5                 M5              Three ways and five valves manifolds


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