Infrared sensors and thermal imagers for precise temperature measurement

Thermal imaging cameras for industrial temperature monitoring

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Universal infrared cameras
High-resolution thermal imaging cameras
Thermal imaging cameras for metals
Thermal imaging cameras for glass
Catalog thermoIMAGER TIM
Basics of temperature measurement
TIM thermal imaging cameras are designed for non-contact measurement of surface temperatures from -20 °C to 2450 °C. They enable efficient monitoring and control of temperature-critical processes both with low temperatures (e.g. in cooling chains) and with very high temperatures (e.g. in glass and metal processing). Their high thermal sensitivity makes these infrared cameras ideally suitable for precise and dynamic tasks. Different performance classes enable a suitable model to be selected for every application. The camera is connected via a USB interface, which also supplies the power.

Infrared pyrometers for universal measurements

IR temperature sensors of the thermoMETER CT series can be used in a wide variety of applications. From low temperatures prevalent in cooling chains or laboratories, to the highest temperatures in hot molten metals and blast furnaces - these IR sensors measure precisely and reliably.

thermoMETER CT
thermoMETER CTfast
thermoMETER CThot
thermoMETER CT-M1 M2
thermoMETER CT-M3
thermoMETER CT-M3-XL
thermoMETER CTex

Infrared pyrometer with laser sighting for demanding temperature measurements

Infrared sensor of the thermoMETER CTLaser series are used for precise, industrial measurements. From extremely low temperatures (-50°C) to the highest temperatures (3000°C), these IR sensors measure precisely and reliably.

thermoMETER CTLaser
thermoMETER CTRatioM1/M2
thermoMETER CTLaser M1/M2
thermoMETER CTLaser M3
thermoMETER CTLaser M5

Infrared pyrometer with crosshair laser sighting and video module

thermoMETER CTVideo M1/M2
thermoMETER CTVideo M3
thermoMETER CSVideo M2
The video pyrometers thermoMETER CTVideo and CSVideo measure within the range from 50 °C to 2,200 °C and are therefore ideally suited to high temperature applications.

Infrared pyrometer with integrated controller for OEM

thermoMETER CSlaser
thermoMETER CS
thermoMETER CSmicro
thermoMETER CSmicro 2W
thermoMETER CX
The infrared thermoMETER CS temperature sensors are equipped with a miniature sensor that is particularly suitable for installation in confined spaces. The small size and temperature resistance up to 120°C open up a wide range of applications.

Intelligent spotfinder pyrometer


The thermoMETER TIM 8 combines the advantages of a robust pyrometer with a thermal imaging camera. Due to its extremely compact size, it can also be integrated into machines and production lines. The spotfinder function enables precise temperature measurements with automatic sensor adjustment. In addition, remote focusing of the lens is possible via a motorized focus. This intelligent spotfinder pyrometer is used in automation, machine building and plant monitoring.




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